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Thank you so much for showing interest in a custom order! I absolutely love making pieces for you guys in fabrics that you love and in measurements that fit you. And I want to be as transparent as possible, while also making this as simple as I possibly can. So in honor of that, below I have laid out the steps for how to make a custom order:

Pick out the garment that you want: Go through the listings on this page to figure out which garment you are most interested in! The initial cost is on each listing (additional costs may apply).

Purchase the garment: If you would like custom measurements or separately sourced fabrics, please reach out through instagram (@mayagunnell) or email ( Otherwise, go ahead and make your purchase for which garment you would like.   Some garments have fabric options listed, but I am ALWAYS available to source a different fabric that you may want. This may lead to extra costs depending on how much the fabric is that I end up sourcing.

Now we wait: There is a two week turn around time to ship out your garment. Packages go out on Tuesdays and Fridays, so that can result in a few days over those two weeks (if you need your garments earlier, please inform me before purchasing). If fabric is separately sourced, those two weeks begin when the fabric is delivered. If you are sending me your custom measurements, the two weeks begin after I receive those measurements.

She’s all finished: If there aren't any additional costs or invoices to pay, you will get a notification when she ships, and she is on her way.
I truly love making these pieces for you, and I want you to love them as much as I do, so please feel free to reach out over instagram or through messaging me here on my website with any questions or ideas you might have!

Thank you,
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