Custom Orders

Thank you so much for showing interest in having me make you a custom order! I absolutely love making pieces for you guys in fabrics that you love and in measurements that fit you. And in part of my process designing garments for you all, I want to be as transparent as possible, while also making this as simple as I possibly can for all of you. So in honor of that, below I have laid out the steps for how to make a custom order: 

  • Pick out the garment that you want:
    • Go through the listing's on this page to figure out which garment you are most interested in! The cost breakdown is on each listings page so that when the time comes for me to start taking commissions again, you will be ready.
  • Purchase the garment:
    • Once I send out a mass email to my email list notifying of more commissions being taken, you are welcome to make your purchase through my website. If not on the email list, my instagram will also be notified the following day. This payment covers the most basic version of the garment.
  • Get email notification:
    • Once you make your purchase, I will email you to start the custom process. I will need your measurements (each listing will specify what measurements are required), as well as fabric ideas. I have several fabrics perfect for the pieces already sourced, so you are welcome to chose from those, or I can go source fabric for you based on what you are interested in - sourcing new fabrics will result in a PayPal or Venmo invoice once I have finished making your garment but before I ship it out. The invoice will also include any changes to the design you would like done! Check out the listing of the garment you are interested in to see what additional costs will include.
  • Now we wait:
    • Depending on when you put your order in, you will be added to a list. I try and do two custom pieces per every two weeks. When I send you the email notification, I can let you know where you fall on this list - you are also welcome to dm or message me before you place your order just to figure out what the timing is. The most amount of time it will take for me to finish your garment is 6 weeks (not including shipping times). However, I completely understand if you want to wear this garment to a special event or something with a timeline, so reach out and I will let you know if it’s possible or not! I am just one girl working two jobs making these pieces for you, so some slack is appreciated while I try and get them to you as fast as possible!!
  • She’s all finished:
    • If you didn’t make any changes to the custom piece outside of sizing (and you chose a fabric I already had) then you will get a notification when she ships! Otherwise, when I have finished making your garment, I will send you an invoice for additional charges and once those are paid, then your garment will be shipped!

I truly love making these pieces for you, and I want you to love them as much as I do, so please feel free to reach out over instagram or through messaging me here on my website with any questions or ideas you might have!

Thank you,